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The FACTS webinar, held last Wednesday, met and exceeded FACTS’ expectations. Fifty (50) cosmetology and wellness related attendees heard from FACTS Director Michael Halmon and FACTS Attorney Denise Herman about regulatory and litigation issues on both the state and federal level which are affecting the beauty and wellness industry. The audience on the webinar was diverse. School owners and administrators, industry partners, and employers… all were represented.

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FACTS Welcomed Five New Members in February

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Likely to Fail Your 90/10?

As was discussed on the webinar, FACTS is proceeding forward with its intent to litigate the new 90/10 Rule. FACTS has already sent its demand letter to the USDOE, without response. FACTS needs a named plaintiff to solidify its standing to sue the USDOE. Adding one school owner – or many – who will be harmed by the new 90/10 Rule as a named plaintiff strengthens FACTS’ likelihood of prevailing.

If you are a school owner and you already know that you will fail the 90/10 calculation or know that you are highly likely to fail, FACTS needs you. 

The other two pending lawsuits against the USDOE, G/E and BDR, both have a school as a named plaintiff in addition to an association. That’s what FACTS needs here. If you can help, please reach out to: Mez Varol, President of FACTS

House Bill 785 to Deregulate Barbering

The Florida legislative session will be ending on March 8, 2024, and thus far, House Bill 785 has not gone passed the first committee which heard and passed the bill despite FACTS’ opposition. As they say, let’s not  “poke a sleeping bear”.

AACS v. USDOE Litigation

A responsive pleading in the AACS v. USDOE litigation (gainful employment) is due on March 17, 2024. 🍀 There are a number of options which USDOE may elect at this juncture. UDOE may request an extension of time to file its responsive pleading which is likely to be granted if requested given the complexity of the matter. Or, the USDOE can file a responsive pleading in a timely manner – either a Motion to Dismiss or an Answer. Stay tuned…

The Florida Board of Massage Therapy (“FBMT”) will meet virtually on March 20, 2024, at 9:00 AM EST. If you are not “up to speed” on what to expect at that meeting, please access the FACTS webinar here:

As was explained on the webinar, FBMT has already passed a motion to increase the massage therapy program to somewhere in the range of 625 – 650 hours. It is at this meeting that FBMT is asking that interested parties present persuasive arguments as to where on that range the FBMT should settle and how those hours should be divvied amongst the courses in the program.

FACTS’ will be supporting the Federation of State Massage Therapy Board (“FSMTB”) in its recommendation that the FBMT increase the program hours to 625. And FACTS will endorse the allocation of hours within the program as proposed by FSMTB.  To read the FSMTB reports which endorse its positions, click below:

Your opinion is valued by the FBMT. FACTS encourages you to join the virtual meeting. And, either support FACTS position or take one of your own.


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