The Florida Board of Massage Therapy met in Orlando on January 25 and 26, 2024.  FACTS was well represented.  FACTS President Mez Varol testified to the importance of raising Florida’s state minimums for Massage Therapy Courses to that which will sustain the availability of Pell Grants and Direct Loans to students as did FACTS members Rob Rosenberg, Patrick Bene, and Michael Halmon.

Good News –  The Florida Board of Massage Therapy did vote to increase the minimum hours from 500 hours to a number within the range of 625 hours and 650 hours, the specific number to be decided at the FBMT’s March meeting after hearing testimony at that upcoming meeting from any attendee who can substantiate his/her/their argument for lesser or greater hours.  FACTS will need your input at that meeting.

Bad News – On Tuesday, the Florida House of Representatives subcommittee on Regulated Industries voted to pass House Bill 785 to DEREGULATE BARBERING AND ALLOW “LIMITED BARBERING” LICENSES WITH NO REQUIRED SCHOOLING, BUT FOR THE HIV CE COURSE.

FACTS was well-represented at that hearing in Tallahassee, with 23 attendees in opposition of the Bill.  And FACTS received over 40 emails with affidavits in opposition in response to its email solicitation for support. Great job readers!